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Friday, October 17, 2014

Event: #HMLovesRotterdam Exclusive Opening ❤

Happy Friday!

In exactly two hours the largest H&M flagship store of Europe opens in the center of Rotterdam, but I had the privilege to check out the store during the exclusive opening that happened last Wednesday. I was really blown away by how huge the 4500 square feet store really was, the new collection and just everything in between. The new Monki & Weekday stores that are actually connected to H&M were also celebrated! In case you can't make it in time for the official opening, I'll gladly share a few snaps to get your excitement going!
HMLovesRotterdam exclusive opening x Monki x Weekday October 2014
HMLovesRotterdam exclusive opening x Monki x Weekday October 2014
HMLovesRotterdam exclusive opening x Monki x Weekday October 2014
HMLovesRotterdam exclusive opening x Monki x Weekday October 2014

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Trend Report Fall 2014: Metallics ❤

Heey lovelies,

One trend that I feel keeps coming back every fall are the dazzling Metallics. They are quite the item to transition rightfully into this new season. There is just something so edgy and bad-ass about wearing somewhat of a metallic look. Whether you accentuate this trend on your nails, a purse or a skirt: coolness guaranteed! What's fun about playing around with metallics, is that you can create a daytime look by dressing it down, or switch it to super chic by dressing it up. 
Trend Report Fall 2014 Metallics
Pictures from Pinterest
After Pinterest fueled my metallics craving, I went on a hunt to find the most fashionable metallic pieces that would make a great addition to one's fall wardrobe. I scored big time! 

Trend Report Fall 2014 Metallics

Gold will forever be one of my favorite colors. It's just one of those colors that looks good and classy enough for any occasion. 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

3 Easy, Fun & Affordable Halloween Costume Ideas ❤

Heey lovies,

For a lot of people October isn't just about grey weather and orange leaves, it's also about Halloween. Now I for one have never really celebrated Halloween before, but this year I might be going to a party or two. And here comes the dilemma: what costume do I want and how much am I willing to spend? I refuse to get an expensive costume, since I'll probably only wear it once. So I've come up with a few costume ideas that are affordable and wearable on several occasions. And with a little luck, you'll already have everything you need right in your closet!

easy fun and affordable halloween costumes skeleton
easy fun and affordable halloween costumes skeleton

If you're like me and not creative enough to draw some bones on your black attire with a white fabric pen, then you can always get these items and you'll be done!

easy fun and affordable halloween costumes sexy angel
easy fun and affordable halloween costumes sexy angel

I'm sure you must have a white dress laying around some where in your closet. No? A white top and skirt then? Still a no? No problem, I got you covered with all these white little pieces above. All you need is your halo and wings, or are you already fly enough? ghehe.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Fall Shopping Guide #2: LBD, Hats & Denim Jackets ❤

Heey lovies,

I am back with another Fall Shopping Guide today, since the reactions to the first one was very positive! I love roaming through some of my most visited online shops to pick out the cutest essentials. 

The little black dress is such a timeless item, so ofcourse it was going to make this list! I particularly love the first two ones below, but all four are totally fall-appropriate.

I think my favorite must-have accessory for this season are headwear and hats in particular. Hats are just so much fun to play around with as they can dress your look up or tone it down if that's the look you're going for that day. 
Oversized fedora hat - Two-Tone Chain fedora hat - Leather Brim fedora hat, Wool Floppy hat

I'm aware I've already covered outerwear in my previous shopping guide, but I thought denim jackets needed their own category, because why not...

 Which of these essentials are your favorite? Would love to know.


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Saturday, October 4, 2014

New In: Gold Leaf LA MODA Faux Septum Ring ❤

Heey lovies,

Ever since this year's summer first started, when I kept seeing some dope ass females on instagram wearing septum rings, I had this urge to try it out too. But with my fear of needles in the back of my mind, I went on a hunt for some faux septum rings. Didn't have much luck until I discovered that LA MODA had a small selection of faux gold and silver rings.  The faux ones are just £4,99 each! I just love how they have a real boho chic but also bad ass feel to them.
gold faux septum rings LA MODA UK
all photos from LA MODA instagram
gold faux septum rings LA MODA UK
The first time around they were sold out before I had a chance to order them. But now that they got restocked again I took my chance. I ordered mine last Saturday and now one week later my package arrived from the UK. I was so excited to try them on and see if such a daring ring would suit my face. And if they didn't, well at least I didn't poke a hole in my nose haha. It took me a while to adjust the ring to a fit where it didn't constantly fall off, but here's how it looks.
gold faux septum rings LA MODA UK cotshopaholic